Sliding Scale

We have opted to utilize a sliding scale for our produce and farm events and we ask our members, shoppers and attendees to self-select for their income level. We desire to operate our business out of trust and with an attitude of mutual aid and community care. We recognize that greater financial resources is not equal to deserving greater access to fresh, affordable produce and/or to the arts. We also recognize that there are societal systems that actively work against specific communities gaining wealth and financial stability.  We encourage those with more resources and financial privilege to consider paying a higher amount on the sliding scale and those with more barriers to opt to pay lower on the scale. 

Our sliding scale for membership in our CSA to receive weekly or bi-weekly vegetables boxes  is $20-$40 per week. We are also equipped to accept EBT/SNAP payments.

For example, those who fit the following criteria may opt higher on the scale:

And those who might pay lower:

Food access is extremely important to us. Our deepest and largest goal is that we feed our surrounding neighbors; that more folks cross the street or walk a couple blocks to acquire fresh, affordable veggies from us. We see our farm as an opportunity to connect folks with where their food is grown, the faces of the people who grow it and the amount of work and care that is put into each vegetable. Food isn't just a commodity to us. We seek to be more than just transactional in our efforts to provide fresh produce, working to be a community space and accessible farm where folks can connect with the process of growing food.